Pillion Pooch 2022 Edition

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The Pillion Pooch is the ultimate motorcycle dog carrier. Suitable for carrying 1 or 2 dogs up to a total weight of 30kg (70lbs).

Developed and tested in the field over 6 continents, the Pillion Pooch is simply the safest way to take your dog on a motorcycle. It is designed to be narrower than the handlebars, so you will not be taken by surprise when you ride into a tight squeeze.

Internal Dimensions: Depth 39cm x Width 62cm x Height 55cm (Depth 15.5" x Width 24.5" x Height 21.5")

External Dimensions: Depth 45cm x Width 69cm x Height 70cm (Depth 18" x Width 27" x Height 27.5")

The complete unit weighs in at just under 15kg (35lbs).

Arrives in a kit with easy to build instructions.

No mounting hardware included as this is specific to the motorbike. Please consult your motorcycle and/or rear rack manufacturer to ensure they are sufficiently designed to hold the weight of the Pillion Pooch, dog(s) and any luggage you intend strapping within.