Shadow's new life as a member of The Pack Track began on 01 August 2015. Anything prior to this date is a mystery to us. Vets believe she is around 5 years old when we found her and we think her breed is a Pinscher cross. So this is how she entered our lives...

It took a year but we were back in Colombia, mid July 2015, having travelled full circle around South America, clockwise. The next section of our adventure was USA and Canada so our plan was to ride to Bogota, sort out transport of the motorbikes to North America, ride to Coro in Venezuela for a motorbike event and catch up with friends then return to Bogotá. All in the space of 3 weeks, no big deal.

We had arranged the export of the motorbikes through Lyn Cargo, a reputable company dealing with motorbike transport between Bogota and Miami. Exporting a motorbike involves spending a day at the Cargo Terminal of the Bogota International Airport completing paperwork and getting inspections. We were booked in for Monday, 03 August 2015 so this was our deadline and we decided not to book flights for us and Negrita until everything was finalised with the motorbikes.

Our friends in Venezuela had warned us that the political situation had severely declined since our last visit. Janell was a little nervous as we crossed the border and keen to get to Barinas. It was a mad two weeks visiting friends, attending a motorbike event in Coro and fitting in some sight seeing of the west of Venezuela including Merida before returning to Colombia on 01 August 2015.

Not only was it a mad rush but Stuart was having problems with his motorbike in Merida, Venezuela so we decided to split up with Janell travelling ahead to sort out accommodation and flights in Bogotá. As it turned out, Janell's GPS was playing up and only arrived in Bogota 7 hours before Stuart instead of a whole day ahead. Janell found a hotel, it wasn't pet friendly but they agreed to have Negrita in the garage with the motorbikes for the night.

So where does Shadow fit into this story. Stuart bumped into a Colombian couple, Laura and Eduardo, riding 2-up on his return to Bogota. They were also headed for Bogotá that night and kept Stuart company. About 185 km out of Bogotá, passing through the little town of Barbosa, a tiny black dog darts out in front of Stuart on a bend. Stuart was travelling 90 km/h and just avoided the little dog as his panniers passed over it. He didn't feel a knock but immediately looked in his rear view mirror to check and saw a white Mercedes coupe behind him passing right over the dog. Stuart did a quick U-turn and parked his motorbike adjacent to the little dog laying flat on the road. He ran to the dog, laying petrified in the road, gathered her up in his arms and held her until he figured out if she was alive or dead.

Meanwhile, Laura and Eduardo had returned to see if Stuart was okay. Realising the little dog was alive they approached local children and families to find her owner. Everyone said she was a street dog and to let her go. There was no way Stuart was leaving her in that state. Her left eye had clearly been struck by the underside of the car and there was the possibility of internal damage not to mention the shock.

The next step was to look for a vet in the town. It was around 6pm on a Saturday night and luck was not on their side with no vet open and no-one able to help. After an hour of searching, the little dog was placed with Negrita in her dog carrier and they continued to Bogota.

Janell had fallen asleep in the hotel room waiting for Stuart and Negrita. The hotel called her room when they finally arrived at 11pm. Stuart introduced Eduardo and Laura then took Janell to the motorbike, reached into the dog carrier and pulled out this tiny little black dog. Janell, a little in shock herself, formulated a plan to sneak the little dog in to the hotel room past the front desk and it curled up to sleep in her riding jacket in the room. Now fully awake and able to see the damage to the little dogs eye Janell burst into tears. It was a very long and sleepless night waiting for the morning so we could take the dog to a vet.

Alexandra from Clinnica Veterinaria Vetmon in Bogotá had arranged all Negrita's paperwork to fly from Bogotá to Miami. Her English was great and she was very good with dogs so it was a no-brainer to go straight to her for help. After a check-up Alexandra confirmed that Shadows left eye had to be removed but otherwise the little dog was fine. The surgery went smoothly and now we just had to get to know her and earn her trust. Oh, and get all the vaccinations and paperwork in order to have her enter North America with The Pack Track.

It was Alexandra who named her Shadow, we were too tired and upset to be creative. Of course none of us knew she was pregnant when we adopted her. Up until about two weeks before the birth  we just thought we were feeding her too much and she was getting fat. Shadow gave birth to two beautiful girls on 11 September 2015. Cinnamon was the first to arrive then 25 minutes later her sister Maple. We love Shadow so much and can't imagine life without her now. She's very playful and sweet.