Guinness World Record - Evidence Submission


Welcome to our journey! Over the past decade, we have embarked on a continuous motorcycle journey, exploring the world on what we proudly claim is the "Longest journey by motorcycle (team)." Our adventures and claim are documented below in great detail, including the raw data, spreasheets, interactive maps, documents, videos and most importantly witness statements

In addition to our main maps, we've included a selection of side trips taken over the years to visit family, friends or as part of work trips while employed in the UK. These side trips were not conducted on our motorcycles and further details are provided in the notes of the associated spreadsheet.

Our submission to Guinness World Records is as follows:

My wife and I have been on a continuous motorcycle journey around the world for the past ~10 years, we have worked on occasion to replenish funds but not in our home country or at the start point of our journey, we have travelled to visit family back home but only for a week or so and only twice each, we have visited the start point of our journey once but not with our motorcycles and not the actual dealership where the motorcycles were purchased. We expect to complete the world record attempt when we arrive at the dealership in Dallas later this year. The distance we have provided is less than the distance travelled since the odometer has broken on both vehicles for extended periods, but still the distance we have measured is in excess of the current record. The motorcycles we are currently riding are the original bikes we started with 10 years ago and are the only bikes that we are using to claim this record.

Since this submission, we have completed our journey, arriving in Dallas in October 2023 and closing the loop on our Round The World Adventure

Mapping and Location

Raw Data is data in it's raw format as provided by the given service provider, i.e. Google Timeline date as downloaded through Google Takeout, SPOT GPS data as provided by SPOT upon request in 2020 and 2023 and Facebook Post data as downloaded via the Profile Download service.

Spreadsheets is the result of processing the raw data to make it more useful, e.g. removing dubious data due to bad locations (WiFi generated location etc), extracting the important pieces of information, determining side trip and other processes to allow easier reading of the data.

Side Trip Maps are various trips we have taken over the years for either for logistics, to visit family or for work. More information on these can be found in the notes column of the Side Trips Spreadsheet.

Maps displays the processed information of our motorcycle travels in an interactive form, detailing our journey with pinpoints for every day where data is available. Clicking on these pinpoints provide information about the entity. Each map represents a year on the road, generated from data collected from Google Timeline, Spot GPS Tracker and Facebook data. Data used to produce these maps were obtained from the Timeline and Facebook Posts Spreadsheets.


Email Threads are the series of emails sent between us and the dealerships in the US in negotiating the purchases. Within these emails is discussions about the bikes including their mileage.

Purchase Orders are the actual purchase orders produced by each of the dealerships and agreed by us for the purchase of our bikes. These documents show the miles on each motorbike.

Titles are the legal ownership documents in the US that includes all the information about the motorcycles, including the VIN numbers and odometer readings. Note that Janell's bike and title were initially registered in Stu's name, this was an error by the dealership that was amended prior to leaving the US.

Odometer Readings is a video of 2 parts. Firstly, Janell explaining her bike Odometer resetting after reaching 99,999 miles in 2019 (including photos of the odometer) and secondly John Hubbard verifying the miles on each of the bikes at the completion of our journey in 2023.

Miles Calculation shows the start and end mileage for each bike (as per the above evidence) and the calculated miles and kms based on these numbers.

Odometer Readings

Miles Calculation

Janell's Bike

146,575 - 15,550 = 131,025
131,025 x 1.60934 = 210,863

Stu's Bike

141,977 - 2,351 = 139,626
139,626 x 1.60934 = 224,705

Witness Statements

These very special individuals have been witnesses to our World Record attempt. Clicking on their names will take you to their password-protected witness statements. Passwords has been emailed to those who need access. If you believe you too need access for the purposes of verifying our claim please get in touch.

A longtime supporter, John verified our miles and witnessed our commitment to travel over the entire journey.

Lynda's witness statement attests to the multiple periods we spent in the UK, working, exploring, and preparing for the next leg of our journey.

A fellow veteran and longtime friend, Chris's perspective provides an insight into our journey from the lens of an avid follower.

Martin has been a regular participant to our travels, offering both mechanical expertise and warm hospitality.

Pin adds her testimony to our adventures thorugh Southeast Asia, having joined us on the road, sharing our enthusiasm for motorcycle travel.

These witness statements are encrypted and password-protected as the contain sensitive information about the individuals providing the statements. They are instrumental in verifying the authenticity of our achievements. Password protection stands as a reminder that these documents should be restricted to those that need access for the verification process.

Many Thanks

Thank you for considering our submission. Please do not hesitate to ask if there is anything else that we can provide to assist.

We look forward to your favourable decision.